How to Get Domain Names

The importance of choosing the right domain name cannot be overstated. Learn how to buy and register your chosen domain name.

Domain names are tricky to form since you are looking for good and available ones. Since your domain name will be your brand name, you must choose or create carefully.
The best domain names are short, memorable and descriptive. Using your actual company name is better than using initials since it already introduces what the site is about. Using words with high search engine hits is also a great way to ensure that your domain name is search engine friendly. You can get a lot of traffic just by getting the right words for your domain name.

Make sure that your domain name is easy to understand and easy to spell. If it is long and difficult to read, people will most likely forget it and you’ll end up having low Internet traffic.

Tips for Getting Your Desired Domain Name

Here are a few tips on how to get domain names:

  1. List ideas. Brainstorming possible options is a great way to start. Remember, however, that the better the name is, the more likely it’s not available anymore or is expensive.
  2. Sort your list. Check the availability of all the domain names you came up with.
  3. Auction. Try hitting some of the auctions to see if you can find a good (or even great) domain name.
  4. Reduce your options. Go to your browser and type your possible domain names in the address bar. Categorize each into the following:
    1. Business. These are typically expensive to get, if you can at all. They are mostly impossible and impractical to get since business entails a lot of agreements.
    2. Investor pages. These are just links pointing to other sites for traffic and are often for sale.
    3. Construction page. This is usually up when a domain holder is still building his/her site or completely forgot about it.
    4. Dead page. If nothing comes up when you enter the site, it does not necessarily mean that it is available.
    5. Locate the domain holders. Look for the owners of the sites and get contact information. It may require a little digging and waiting for some information, especially if the contact information is private.
    6. Contact the domain holders. Ask if the domain is for sale and negotiate.
    7. Value and negotiate. Assess the value of what you are asking for. It is difficult to compare prices since it depends on the price that the domain holders will give you. Remember, the longer the name, the cheaper it should be.

To register the name, you need to use the services of an ICANN accredited domain name registrar. You can also check your web hosting provider for this service, which sometimes offer for free in a package. This is an annual fee which you can lose by looking for free domain name registration services.

Knowing how to get good domain names to get heavy Internet traffic is the key to online success.