Best Domain Name Registrar

Are you thinking of buying a domain name? Make sure to choose a reputable and reliable domain name registrar.

Domain Names are “nicknames” for your Internet address which help Internet users easily find and remember your website. Domain names are multi-level which help the DNS or Domain Name System categorize and organize domain names submitted and registered to them.

When end-users choose a domain name and register it, they go to domain name registrars. These domain name registrars then have the domain names accredited by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers or ICANN.

When a domain name registrar is chosen, it then becomes the “designated registrar” for that domain. Domain registrars usually charge an annual fee for their services. The end users are sometimes known as the “owners”; however it is more accurate to use “registrants” or “domain holders” to pertain to them.

Finding a domain name registrar is quite easy since there are a lot of them. Type in “domain name registrar” in your favorite search engine and you will be bombarded with many results claiming that they are the best domain name registrars out there.

Choosing the Right Domain Name Registrar

While the term “best” is subjective to what you need and what you are looking for, below are what domain name registrars should be and have.

  1. Accredited by ICANN.
    As mentioned above, ICANN accredits domain names and domain name registrars. ICANN is responsible for overseeing the network of identifiers and addresses which connect computers on the Internet. If it is a generic Top-Level Domain (gTLD), it should be certified by an ICANN-accredited domain name registrar as a reseller. If it is a country-code Top-Level Domain (ccTLD), it should be certified by the sponsoring organization of the country. This step ensures that your domain name registration is legitimate and official.
  1. Renewal notice
    Domain name registrars, especially the best ones, should also send a renewal notice when the paid period is over before releasing your domain name again for registration. A domain name registrar with a forgiveness policy is also a characteristic to look for. This ensures that you can still renew your registration when it expires and you aren’t able to renew immediately.
  1. Established
    If you want the best domain name registrar, first make sure that the domain name registrar you are eyeing is established. If not, it may have the tendency to disappear or encounter problems which may lead to it being dissolved.

    Depending on the person securing a domain name registrar, free web hosting services may or may not be desired. When looking for free web hosting that comes with the domain name registration, check whether the free domain offer is valid for a long time or is good for only a year. You should also check if the free hosting is complete with the features you need and want instead of paying for the features or switching to a different host.

    Of course, the best domain name registrar should also offer the best price. This does not necessarily mean the lowest; the price should be equal to the services given to you. The cheapest domain registration may not always be the best choice.