Things to Consider Before Registering a Domain Name

You have to consider a number of factors before you even register a domain name for your website.

Records show that domain name registration reached approximately 225 million in 2011. VeriSign DNS systems hit 117 billion in just a single day. Research also shows that 90 million country code top level domains were also registered. There are several things to take into account regardless of whether you registered just one or multiple domain names.

Points to Consider

  • Privacy Protection – The details of domain name registration are made public through WHOIS which is a database that can be accessed by the public. It can include information such as your complete name, residential address and email address. Safeguard your privacy by turning off WHOIS on your domain name. Likewise, be wary of registrars who charge extra fees for disabling your privacy settings.
  • Hidden Fees – Make sure to read the fine print of the terms of service. Take note of policies regarding transfer-out costs which the cheap domain registrar can charge if you decide to transfer the domain to another company. This is necessary so you will know the proper fees. At the same time, avoid registrars who offer names without any charge. Remember that there is always a cost for this no matter how inexpensive.
  • Renewal Process – Registration is only good for one year. Make sure to renew before it expires so you do not lose the name to other users. Opt for registrars who provide notification services using the appropriate management tools so you do not risk losing your domain name. You can also install your own alerts as a precautionary measure.
  • SEO Issue – It is important for your domain name to be SEO-friendly. It is advisable for your name to have a keyword relevant to your enterprise. This can affect your efforts in search engine optimization. Thus, find out if the search factor will be your major source of exposure.
  • Special Characters – Stay away from special characters. For instance, the domain name without any hyphen functions better than one with a line. If you have no option but to go for the hyphen version, be creative and think of an original name which is not in your top level domain.
  • Front Running – This is the point where the domain registrar or domain lookup site extracts searches for possible attractive domains and sells the data to third parties. Be cautious about this since it can register that name before you.

Upsides of Domain Names

The domain name must go with you in case you choose to change your web host. Regular visitors or clients who knew your site name need not be informed of web address changes. These users will only have to key in your domain name to reach your new website. These names provide businesses with integrity. In fact, few online entrepreneurs will like to do business with their counterparts which do not possess web names. Clients and other businesses should obtain a name that can be remembered easily by anyone. A good name should describe your product or service very well.