What is a Domain Registrar?

The domain registrar is authorized by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). This is the organization which administers domain names and offer services for registration.

As a rule, the registrar has access to all top level domains available publicly for domain registration. It should have the necessary infrastructure in position to register or reserve the preferred name on behalf of a client. Registration entails listing your domain with a registered entity or reseller.

You pay that company for the rights to employ a particular domain name designed for a certain period. Contract period is normally one year and must be renewed prior to expiration or else the domain goes back to being available to other users. The ICANN manages the database of the international Domain Name Server. ICANN guarantees that all registered names are unique and matches with an exclusive Internet Protocol address. This is the mathematical address of the website that notifies other computers where to locate the domain and server host.

Popular Domain Name Registrars

Based on the response of users, the widely acclaimed domain registrars are the following:

  • Namecheap – The fee is $9.98 every year. Registration is not only cost-effective as its name indicates but the company also has created a name by offering the cheapest deals in the industry. The status of Namecheap lies on excellent customer service and value-added benefits. Customers are assured of reliable customer service, free emails, Uniform Resource Locator (URL) forwarding, free and customized domain parking and, transfers without charges.
  • 1 & 1 – This registrar offers a low annual registration fee of $4.99. Domain registration includes a basic five-page starter website or “super” domain parking package. You get an email account with 2GB of storage plus complimentary private domain registration to protect your personal information.
  • GoDaddy – GoDaddy charges $11.99 for this service. The company was able to develop a massive customer base by putting together the best domain registration and web hosting together with various special offers on registration. Registrations include a mini-hosting plan at no cost to the client. There is a five-page website using one of their templates, photo album, blogging tools, and email account with 1GB of storage. You cannot register a domain for free but if you register five or more domains, the service is without charge.
  • com – Name.com offers registration at $9.99 every year. Name.com transcends mere domain name searches. It provides alternative recommendations including names that are currently held up for auction. Name.com also offers a service called Domain Grabber. If you really want a domain which is unavailable, you can pay Name.com from $20-50 to acquire the domain if it becomes available.
  • Gandi – Gandi has a higher price of $16.85. Each registration includes two free site maker pages, one complimentary Dot Clear2 blog, private domain registration, free one-year Security Socket Layer certificate, and personal email. If you manage several domains, this service provider has a user-friendly control panel with tag-based organization and search features.