What’s the Difference between Web Hosting and Domain Registration?

Beginners can learn all about the difference between web hosting and domain registration by reading the following article.

Three basic components make up the modern website. These are the domain names, servers or web hosts, and website files.

Domain Name

Domain registration provides you exclusive ownership and rights to the website name. Only you are entitled to the name of that particular domain. Nonetheless, the name is not the only prerequisite for your site to be accessed globally. You also need web hosting or proper configuration of your web server hosting. The domain name can be compared to your house address and registered only with a domain registrar.

Web Hosting

Web hosting in general refers to the server or big computer that can store a lot of data files. Hosting providers offer web servers and network connections for rent to end-users or reseller firms. There are cases where hosting providers take care of server maintenance work like backup, root configuration, and disaster recoveries. However, it is the responsibility of users to cover everything by themselves.

Fundamental Differences

The cheap domain name can be compared to a telephone book entry. Computers communicate through numbers (Internet Protocol addresses) to make contact with each other just like using a phone number to dial another individual’s phone. The phone book informs users looking for your phone number “Company A’s number is 123-456-7890”. On the other hand, the domain notifies users through PCs that “Domain A.com is hosted on the server www.xxx.xxx.xxx” Owning a domain is not only practical. It is necessary.

Web hosting or a server can be likened to the space that you rent for your enterprise. It does not cover fixtures such as the shelves for your products. This is like the web-hosting account which does not include a venue for you to sell your merchandise. Nevertheless, in the realm of web hosting, it is easy to furnish space provided by your host. It is possible to install framework applications, for example using the Fantastico icon displayed in the main page of the cPanel. You cannot have a place for your files without the hosting services. In short, your domain is like a disconnected phone number in the phone directory and your site files will not have a place to stay. These are the basic differences between domain name registration and web hosting.

The site files are seen by visitors and potential customers. These are your services and commodities. These files are the same as any other file you normally use. It can be a .jpg (photograph), or .mp3 (music file). Site files are also .PHP files or .HTML files which are PHP scripts or HTML pages respectively. The web host or server has the capacity to read these files which give details on how the webpage appears or instruct it to do a series of computations.

As a synopsis, you have a site visitor who goes to your domain name. This translates into your server IP address while the server sends that user your site files. The browser presents to them as a typical web page. You cannot have an operational website without each of these three elements.